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C10 is gonna do the rest
June 11, 2021, 2:11 pm
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<<I’ll cut right to the chase. Bill C-10 could pass as soon as tomorrow, and we need to act RIGHT NOW if we have a hope of stopping it. Demand your MP vote NO on C-10!EMAIL YOUR MP RIGHT NOW!>>

This week, our government said “screw democracy!”, using a special gag order rule not seen since the 90s to shut down debate over C-10 and ram this flawed and dangerous legislation through Parliament. Bill C-10 is now being rushed to a vote — continued free expression violations and all.1,2

Despite recent amendments that somewhat narrowed the bill’s scope, the fundamental problem with the bill remains; it still gives the CRTC huge powers to manipulate the video and audio people see on every app and platform we use on the Internet. Under C-10, the CRTC will set rules that promote or bury every video, meme, and podcast we upload to the Internet, filling our feeds with their outdated 20th-century vision of what counts as “Canadian” content — whether we want it there or not.3

We’re expecting a FINAL vote as soon as tomorrow. The only way we can stop C-10 in Parliament is by getting our MPs to stop it — and now it’s a race against the clock. Will you email your MP RIGHT NOW demanding they vote no on Bill C-10?EMAIL YOUR MP RIGHT NOW!

Thank you for standing up for Canada’s Internet,

Matt at OpenMedia


  1. Liberals, Bloc vote to end Bill C-10 study amid social media free speech concerns – Global News
  2. Rock Bottom: Bill C-10 Gag Order and No-Notice Meetings Means the End of Committee Review is Near – Michael Geist
  3. CHPC Committee Meeting, June 9 – House of Commons >>

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